Honda EU2000i Portable Generator Review 2018

Last Updated: May 16, 2018

The Honda EU 2000i is one of the best portable generator units on the market. It’s robust and powerful, ultra dependable and also extremely easy to service.

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Honda EU2000i

Honda has long stood as a brand that holds itself to a high standard. Customers who choose Honda products have come to expect reliable, robust products from the manufacturing giant. To test out how one such product, the Honda EU2000i Portable Generator, measured up to these standards, our team critically tested the appliance.

In times of uncertainty, with the frequency of power outages on the rise, portable generators are becoming increasingly popular for home use. The Honda EU2000i is one such generator. Championed as one of the best products of its kind on the market, this piece of equipment has proven itself to be a customer favourite, and our review shows how the reality measures up to the reputation.


Honda EU2000i Review 2018

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The Honda EU2000i is one of the most celebrated quiet portable generator units on the market. It’s a robust and powerful generator, very dependable and also easy to service. The Honda EU2000i also remarkably quiet and easy to store, making it an ideal option for home use, whether in use or in storage. This combination of discreet operation, appealing design, reliability and user-friendliness makes the Honda EU2000i one of the best portable generator units to be found anywhere.


Honda EU2000i Review – Specifications

The Honda EU20o0i is seemingly tailored specifically for home use. Light, and easily stored, the EU2000i is also quiet (59dB at rated load), so you won’t be disturbed by loud noises while you go about your everyday business. Rated at 1600W with a peak power of  2000W, the EU2000i is also sufficient for powering home appliances or entertainment systems such as xbox’s, televisions, and DVD players.

Boasting a GX100 engine (coming in at 98.5cc), the EU2000i is easily capable of handling larger loads with relatively little trouble. The GX100 engine (one of the largest engines of its class), also allows the EU2000i to handle peak loads (Start up/inductive) loads more efficiently. This prevents tripping of the protective circuitry. The generator is started with a simple recoil pull system designed in such a way that anyone can start the generator with one easy pull.

At only 45lbs (without fuel) the Honda EU2000i is a light weight generator, with a fuel capacity of just under a gallon. This allows the EU2000i to run for 3.4 hours on full load (1600W), or 8 hours on “Eco-Throttle” (25% power).


Honda EU2000i Review – Safety & Warranty

The Honda EU2000i is easy to maintain, with a low oil indicator on the front panel that lights up when fuel is running out. The EU2000i also has a three year warranty, covering both parts and servicing. An added perk is the vast network of repair facilities, located across the US.


Honda EU2000i Review – Design

Designed in Honda’s signature red and black finish, with a handle at the top of the generator for easy lifting, the EU2000i’s design is both sleek and efficient. The only issue with the generator’s design being the lack of a fuel indicator, meaning the only way to measure the level of gasoline inside of the tank is to lift the cap and look inside. This may be problematic if there is no other light source at hand to illuminate the interior of the tank.


Honda EU2000i Review – Summary

In summary, Honda’s EU2000i is an all-round superb generator for the average consumer. Its light weight design and efficient performance allows the buyer a convenient back-up in the case of a sudden power outage. The EU2000i allows the buyer a sense of security, in its assurance that should it ever be needed, it will be ready to function as required. This sense of security is furthered by the knowledge that should anything go wrong with the generator, that there is likely a service station nearby that will be able to address any issues with it. Overall, the EU2000i does exactly what it says on the tin, and lives up to the titan Honda brand’s implication of excellence.

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