Honda Generator India Review and Buyers Guide 2019

Last Updated: August 1, 2019

Honda is one of the most world renowned brands in power generator equipment, and if you’re looking for a new generator that will not let you down, at home, in the office or out of doors, check out what’s available from the equipment covered in our team’s Honda generator India review.

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honda generator india
Honda Generator India Review - Image Source: Honda

Honda is a byword for reliability right across its offering all over the world, whether you’re in India, the US, Europe or anywhere else on the planet. There is no exception to this general rule in the brand’s power generator equipment. As you’ll see from our reviews team’s Honda Generator India Review 2019, Honda has some of the most robust and reliable power generation equipment in the world.

Not only have Honda generator India appliances been developed to the most advanced technological, ergonomic and manufacturing standards, they are also incredibly efficient and user-friendly to operate, in addition to being cleaner and quieter than appliances from many of the other competitors in this space.

The Honda brand name can go a long way with competitors, but we wanted to check out the facts behind the logo and assess the qualities of the best Honda generator India appliances.


Honda Generator India Review 2019

Our team looked at the most popular Honda generator India appliances and delivered their verdict on the following three Honda generator India units.



1. Honda Generator Review – Honda EU 30is Metal & HDPE Multicolor Inverter Generator

Image Source: Amazon

The Honda EU 30is Metal & HDPE Multicolor Inverter Generator is a little bit of a mixed bag. It’s pitched at the affordable end of the market, and has AC and outputs for numerous appliances, and is marketed as an ultra silent, portable, and compact backup power source.

While there are differences of opinion on its performance, a unit that is marketed as portable could probably do with being a few pounds lighter. While the EU30is can be moved around, just slightly lighter would have enabled the user to comfortably carry it. With its metal and (HDPE) High Density PolyEthylene construction, the generator is as robust as you would expect.

The EU30is is powered by a four-stroke GX200 engine for up to 3,000W AC and a rated output of 2,800W, making it ideal for household or even some commercial purposes.

Definitely powerful for this price range, its electric-start and versatility make the Honda EU30is checking out.

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2. Honda Generator Review – Honda EXK 2000s Metal & HDPE Multicolor Portable Genset

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The Honda EXK 2000s Metal & HDPE Multicolor Portable Genset is a little more rugged and modular in design that the Honda EU 30is, making even more transferable between the household and commercial sectors, in terms of its suitability.

The quite boxy design of this generator might be unattractive to someone who is thinking ‘portability’ and ‘ease of movement’, but appearances are quite deceptive in this regard—the Honda EXK 2000s is quite easy to move to wherever you need it most, thanks to its top and bottom handles and multi-directional caster wheels.

There are several attractive features with this generator model, including an oil alert system, circuit breaker and a fuel gauge. It is easy to start and its fuel efficiency is well above average for a machine of its kind. In addition, this comes with revolutionary sound reduction technology, with sizeable sound mufflers that help absorb the engine’s operating noise. Engine emissions are very low too (in compliance with the stringent emissions standards demanded by the Central Pollution Control Board), so this is an appliance that you can use with great nuisance-free comfort in your home.

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3. Honda Generator Review – Honda EU 70is Metal & HDPE Multicolor Inverter Generator

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Last but by no means least in our mini roundup of the best Honda generator India appliances is this unit, the Honda EU 70is Metal & HDPE Multicolor Inverter Generator. Like the other units here, the Honda EU 70is is incredibly quiet in operation; this fact alone making it suitable for numerous applications for power backup, whether in a commercial unit or in the home during a power outage. In those terms, at the very least, this is another winner for Honda.

Its rugged construction material blend of metal and HDPE means that you’ll be able to move this generator around from place to place with complete peace of mind.

The Honda EU 70is has rated output of 5.5kVA, 230V rated voltage, rated amperage of 23.9A and output of up to 7.0kVA. Its fuel capacity is 19.2l, and as mentioned, the sound mufflers used on this unit means that it can be used without any nuisance, fuss or discomfort, whether in the home or in a workplace.

Like other Honda units, this generator meets the noise and emissions regulations of the Central Pollution Control Board, and its features, including electronically controlled fuel injection system and transistor ignition make it very easy to use and operate.

All in all, the Honda EU 70is has much to recommend it, for a variety of purposes.

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